Foostival 2014, it’s over !

It’s done, the Foostival 2014 is over ! Thanks to everybody for coming to this unforgettable day. We hope you liked this unique community day as we did ! Although it was a lot of work, we really enjoyed doing this event for you. We already received help proposals from many people to join the… Read more…

Registration phase has begun !

All Foostival websites are now online. You can right now choose your country and sign up for the event. Please, do not forget to read the General Conditions of Use before signing-up. You have until March 2nd 2014 8.59 p.m. Paris time to register. If you have any question, feel free to ask us !

Draw me a Quaggan !

Draw me a Quaggan ! Please draw me a Quaggan ! The Foostival gives you the opportunity to win 50 gold and one 400 gems code by participating to the contest named “Draw me a Quaggan”. Do you want to participate in the contest? Nothing more simple! Just send your drawing to without forgetting… Read more…